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Lana Tarek

Lana is renowned as one of Australia’s leading eyebrow specialists and qualified trainers.

With over ten years’ experience in the field, Lana has traveled internationally to service clients abroad and refine her skills with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Now an expert in the field, Lana is dedicating her career to the art and geometrics of eyebrow shaping.

What started as a simple interest to shape the perfect brow from her home led her to open her studio in 2014. Since venturing into business, Lana has added her signature touch to the brow industry. She is an educational asset to many aspiring eyebrow artists who graduate from her very own Browcademy. Many who have moved on to become very successful in the field.

In addition to her growing salon and Browcademy success, Lana has also launched a line of professional products and tools. A luxe collection comprising retail eyebrow products and professional microblading equipment and supplies. 

When you venture into the realm of Lana Tarek, your brow experience will be a personalized approach. Lana and team will ensure you will walk out of the salon with satisfaction and brows that compliment your unique facial structure.

Kagency Shn Jan
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Microblading is where brows meet art. My clients are my canvas – and with the brush in my hand, I paint. I caress their brows with strokes that add dimension to their face. For me, this transcends far beyond momentary trends and fleeting brow shapes.

Lana Tarek

Elite Eyebrow Trainer

Michelle Mifsud

Michelle has worked in the beauty industry for the past 12 years with the last 5 years mainly focusing on her cosmetic tattooing skills. Within those 12 years Michelle has gained a lot of knowledge about the skin and brows.

Michelle studied through Lana and was guided and mentored by Lana when she began working with her. She has watched Lana throughout the years and her work has evolved and improved over the time. She has also assisted Lana throughout the years in her Browcademy classes and marking the students’ work submitted.

Michelle runs her Browcademy classes the exact same as Lana, Providing all the information the students need to become successful microblading artists.

Michelle Mifsud
Sophie Tran

Senior Eyebrow Trainer

Sophie Tran

Sophie is one of the senior brow artists at Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists.

Sophie specialises in brow lamination, HD brows, hybrid tinting, brow shaping & keratin lash lifting.

With Sophie‘s experience and caring nature she has been our workplace mentor and trainer, training staff in new services in the salon.

Lip Tattoo Trainer

Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie is a highly skilled beautician, Cosmetic tattooist and trainer.

Born in Australia with a knack for creativity, Stephanie is proud to make an impact on the lives of people through her art.

Stephanie is recognised for creating the best healed lip blush and neutralisation results for even the most pigmented lips! A true perfectionist in her field.

Stephanie started her cosmetic tattoo journey in November 2020, after feeling incomplete and unfulfilled in her 9-5 corporate job.

Stephanie believes as an artist, the journey of learning is never-ending. This is why her passion for passing on her skills is above all.

Stephanie Nguyen

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