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Meet some of Lana's successful Browcademy students
Success Stories
Browcademy Success Stories from these Successful BROW BOSS

When you venture into the realm of Browcademy, your learning experience will be a personalized approach. Lana and the team will ensure you will walk out of the academy with new learning and lessons on how to be the next BROW BOSS!

Owner of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows

Kristin Fisher

Lana Tarek was made to be a brow educator. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things brows. Her method for Microblading is so detailed and sophisticated, which is the main reason why I chose to do the microblading course with her.

She is super patient,  informative and really takes the time to ensure that you are being educated thoroughly.

Her manual contained extensive information about Microblading which since then has been beneficial to the services me and my staff provide at KFE. For anyone who wants to learn the art of brows, I highly recommend doing a Browcademy course by Lana Tarek.

100% recommend Lana Tarek for Microblading courses 

Microblading Student

Kristin Fisher
Christina Celeska
Owner of Christina Lustri Brows

Christina Celeska

At the beginning of this year I attended three of Lana’s Browacademy courses, ‘HD X Lamination Brows’, ‘Introduction to Microblading’ and ‘Ombré Shading’ with no prior experience in the beauty industry. 

For the last eight years, administration has been my main profession but after attending Lana’s Browacademy Courses, I knew this was all going to change and it would be the beginning of something new and exciting. 

The knowledge and expertise from Lana and her team gave me nothing but complete confidence that I could begin a new chapter. Each course contained the perfect amount of information and was allocated fairly to each student without a flaw. 

I was able to freely ask any question or concern I had and received more than enough one-on-one time with Lana, which was immensely reassuring. Lana is truly an amazing mentor, she is incredibly kind and patient and delivers her knowledge in an engaging way that is very easy to understand and absorb.

Not only were Lana’s courses enjoyable and educational, the presentation and take home packs were just as great. To top it off, we were all spoiled with delicious food and gifts! Once I had completed all my Browacademy Courses, I created my first business ‘Christina Lustri Brows’ which is no doubt one of my greatest personal achievements. I am so proud and grateful to say that my business took off immediately. I reside in Canberra, so to bring home Lana’s knowledge was very exciting to many here. My work speaks for itself and I cannot thank Lana enough for the opportunity her courses brought me. Browacademy taught me more than just about brows, it also taught me about consultations, health and safety, business, social media, how to take good photos/content, insurance/protection and so much more. 

If there is any advice I can give you, It’s to do yourself a favor and attend Lana’s Browacademy Courses. You’ll regret not doing it sooner, just as I had.

Microblading, Microshading HD and Lamination Student

Owner of Brow Love By V

Venessa Loka

I attended Browcadamy with Lana Tarek and completed the HD x Lamination and Ombre Shading courses with Microblading coming soon.
I was honestly amazed at how professional everyone was and the level of detail that came with the training itself. The groups are small which allows you to have 1:1 time with Lana and the other talented women that work with her who is also extremely nice and helpful!

After completing the Ombre Shading course, I have had ongoing support from Lana herself – I have been able to reach out regarding any questions or concerns and she has been able to assist with all my queries which have helped build my confidence! Not only is Lana a great mentor, but she is also definitely a role model/girl boss and everything in between.

I am super glad I did my course through Browcadamy as it has helped me build my business. I cannot wait to see what else I can achieve with the help of Lana and the team!

HD Lamination, Microshading, and Microblading Student

Venessa Loka
Julie Anne Vo
Owner of Browsthetics Co

Julie-Anne Vo

I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney to learn from the best; Lana Tarek!
It was well and truly worth the 1.5hr flight to Sydney! Lana has been extremely professional and thorough when educating myself and other students in ‘Introduction to Microblading’. Not only that but she has supported us months and months later down the track after completing her course. I also love that Lana Tarek organised models to come in to help you with practising on your models! She just looks after you from 0-100! I’ll be looking forward to flying back down to learn advanced microblading and other cosmetic tattoo services from Lana!

Microblading Student

Owner of Brow Behaviour

Brooke Balmer

February last year, I completed my Microblading master class with Lana Tarek. I was so excited to start this course with Lana as I wanted to build my knowledge as an eyebrow specialist. I had already started my business providing HD brows and brow lamination services. However, Lana’s course gave me more knowledge about the correct brow shapes and brow mapping. 

 Lana’s master class was so detailed and presented so well. The theory was also very informative and in-depth. I received a starter kit, a theory booklet, and plenty of online support. I always look back at my notes to this day to give myself a refresher. 

 I have already started doing Microblading with my clients and they loved it!

If you’re in the brow industry and want to learn the art of brow, please join the Browcademy.

100% recommending Lana Tarek for Microblading courses


Microblading Student

Brooke Balmer
Owner of BrowsByMaggie

Maggie De Jesus

The courses were exceptionally well-structured, providing me with a comprehensive foundation in the art of HD x Lamination and microshading. From theory to practical application, Browcademy ensured that I gained a solid understanding of the techniques involved and expertly guided me at every step.

The hands-on experience, under the close guidance of experienced instructors, allowed me to hone my skills and develop my own unique style. Browcademy emphasizes the importance of precision, symmetry, and attention to detail, which are essential factors in delivering exceptional results for clients.

Since completing my courses, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact it has made on my career. I highly recommend Browcademy to anyone looking to elevate their skills in eyebrow styling.

Microblading Student

Owner of HD Brows and Beauty

Hadeel Habib

I am a returning student of Lana Tarek of many years. the courses offered by Lana Tarek via her company Brow cademy have enabled me to acquire new skills and knowledge and help grow my home based business with on going support readily available via a quick txt message.

The course Master class with Lana was very well delivered and Lana delivered the information in a way that everyone could understand.

Though-out the courses I completed with Lana such as HD X lamination, Introduction to Microblading and Microshading, Lana made it a breeze to complete these even when i was feeling uneasy and scared. Lana is a amazing mentor, with alot of knowledge and patience.

I highly recommend Lana and her team to anyone who is looking at advancing their professional skills in the beauty industry.

HD x Lamination and Microblading Student

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