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Eyebrow Market was valued at USD 1.56 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 2.97 Billion by 2027

Growing at a Annual Growth Rate of 7.33% from 2022 to 2028.

Eyebrow Industry Worth – $16.11Billion USD

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Eyebrow Industry Services Statistics as of 2023- IBISWorld

Learn Online From The Comfort Of Your Home

Today the demand for brow specialists offering Microblading and HD Lamination treatment has increased rapidly. An online brow course is something you can do at the moment, for a successful career perspective. You can learn a course of your choice right from your home and make better use of your leisure time.

Upon completion of the course, You will receive a certification that is widely recognised in the brow industry.

Be A Brow Boss At The Comfort Of Your Home!

Signature Course

Introduction to Microblading

Browcademy Microblading Course is not just a regular eyebrow drawing course. This course allows our Artists to earn more and to have an international career. During the Microblading training course, our students receive support from Browcademy from the first day, and that support lasts until 9 months, not only during the training.

During the course, our students adopt microblading techniques, learn about skin, special rules related to hygiene, skincare, but also about ways to find clients and build a quality relationship with them.

What sets Browcademy Students apart from others at the very beginning is the exclusive opportunity to adopt the microblading skill at the source – at  Browcademy, the place where modern microblading is built.

Lana Tarek, The Queen Of Brows and founder of Browcademy, created a completely different method that is not only about learning eyebrows but is also focused on developing the entire career of our students and making them learn the treatment that has taken the world by storm.

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9 months support

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6 Figure annual earnings

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Financial Freedom

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Be Your Own Boss!

Includes a free professional kit valued at $1500.

Eyebrow Microblading Sydney

Founder, CEO and Brow Expert

Lana Tarek

“ Microblading is where brows meet art. My clients are my canvas – and with the brush in my hand, I paint. I caress their brows with strokes that add dimension to their face. For me, this transcends far beyond momentary trends and fleeting brow shapes.” -Lana

Lana is renowned as one of Australia’s leading eyebrow specialists and qualified trainers.

With over ten years of experience in the field, Lana has traveled internationally to service clients abroad and refine her skills with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Now an expert in the field, Lana is dedicating her career to the art and geometrics of eyebrow shaping.

What started as a simple interest to shape the perfect brow from her home led her to open her studio in 2014. Since venturing into business, Lana has added her signature touch to the brow industry. She is an educational asset to many aspiring eyebrow artists who graduate from her very own Browcademy. Many have moved on to become very successful in the field.

In addition to her growing salon and Browcademy success, Lana has also launched a line of professional products and tools. A luxe collection comprising retail eyebrow products and professional microblading equipment and supplies. 

When you venture into the realm of Lana Tarek, your brow experience will be a personalized approach. Lana and the team will ensure you will walk out of the salon with satisfaction and brows that compliment your unique facial structure.

Lana Tarek

Lana in the Press

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Online brow course
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Any questions?

  • This course is perfect for those who are starting and already active in the brow industry and want to stay current with the newest techniques, treatments and trends. As social media grows around this brow treatment, we know lots of clients will want to experiment and try the newest treatments. Online courses are great for busy people who don’t have time to come onsite to train with us in person, or for those who are not within traveling distance to one of our sites. Online courses are great for those who are already in the industry and already offering similar treatments and want to enhance their services. Online courses are also great for those are trained ‘in-house’ and don’t have an accredited qualification. 

  • You can do all of the courses available, but allow yourself enough time to be able to carry out your assessment tasks.

  • All courses cover full aspects of the treatment, from start to finish, so they are aimed at all abilities, from beginners to experienced brow artists. 

    Give yourself ample opportunity to practice the treatments before submitting your assessment tasks should you need to. And remember, we have experienced brow trainers on hand who can provide additional support.

  • Access to the internet is required to be able to complete your training. They can also be accessed on a mobile device.

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