Steps to better eyelashes


1. Ibrou® bubble cleanser

Clean eyebrows thoroughly with ibrou® bubble cleanser and pat dry gently.

2. Ibrou® skin barrier lotion

Apply ibrou® skin barrier lotion to the outer edges of the eyebrows. This will protect the skin during the lamination process.

3. Ibrou® lamination adhesive

Using ibrou® lamination adhesive, apply a small amount to each brow and brush up hair into the desired position. This will set the stubborn hairs in the desired direction.

4. Ibrou® lifting lotion

Apply ibrou® lifting lotion to eyebrows while avoiding contact with skin using an applicator. Apply ibrou® wrap to eyebrows and leave the product on for 6 -12 minutes. As a guide; Fine hairs 6-8 minutes, medium hair 8-10, and thick hair 10-12 minutes.

Wipe off ibrou® lifting lotion carefully, ensuring there is no residue left on eyebrows.

5. Ibrou® fixing lotion

Apply ibrou® fixing lotion to eyebrows and stroke the hair upwards into the desired position and apply ibrou wrap and leave on for 5-10 minutes. (This should be half the time of the first lotion plus 2 minutes in total).

Wipe off ibrou® fixing lotion carefully making sure there is no residue left on eyebrows.

6. Ibrou® nourishing lotion

Apply the ibrou® nourishing lotion to the eyebrows with a clean applicator.

Ensure brows are kept dry for 24-48 hours.

The client should brush up brows and condition brows daily in the shower post-treatment.