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Unmatched Training Quality at Unbeatable Prices + Exclusive Discounts!


At Browcademy, we firmly believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone with a passion for brow artistry. That’s why we’ve curated a range of courses that cater to both beginners and experienced artists, all while maintaining affordable prices.

Our Courses

Introduction to Microblading – A 2-day course – $3,520: Dive into the world of microblading and learn the art of creating stunning, natural-looking brows that leave a lasting impression.

Introduction to Microshading – A 2-part course – $4,800: Explore the realm of microshading and discover how to create soft, beautifully shaded brows that enhance your client’s facial features.

Lip Blush Masterclass – A 3-day course – $4,400: Elevate your skills with our Lip Blush Masterclass and learn the art of creating lush, beautifully tinted lips that require no daily maintenance.

Microblading Refresher Course – A 1-day course – $1,760: Already a certified microblading artist? Join our refresher course to sharpen your skills and stay updated on the latest techniques.

The Complete Brow Masterclass – A 2-day course – $2,970: Master the complete spectrum of brow enhancement techniques, from microblading to shading, and become a well-rounded brow artist.

Introduction to HD x Lamination – A 1-day course – $1,670: Explore the world of HD brow lamination and learn how to create beautifully sculpted, natural-looking brows.

Lash Lift and Tint Masterclass – A 1-day course – $690: Add another skill to your beauty arsenal with our lash lift and tint masterclass, perfect for enhancing your client’s lashes.

Exclusive Discounts

To make our courses even more accessible, we’re thrilled to offer exclusive discounts:

10% Discount for New Enrollees: If you’re new to Browcademy, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your chosen course.

15% Discount for Enrolling in 2 Courses: Looking to expand your skillset further? Enroll in two courses and enjoy a generous 15% discount on your total fees.

Why Choose Browcademy?

Affordable Excellence: Browcademy offers competitive prices without compromising on the quality of education. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to excel in the world of brow artistry.

Expert Instructors: Our instructors are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. They are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and helping you reach your full potential.

Hands-On Learning: We believe in practical, hands-on learning. Our courses are designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to excel in your brow career.

Small Class Sizes: We keep our class sizes small to ensure you receive individualized attention and mentorship throughout your training.

Join the Browcademy Family and Save!

Ready to embark on your journey into the world of brow artistry? Enroll in one of our courses today and discover why Browcademy is the go-to destination for quality training at unbeatable prices. Plus, take advantage of our exclusive discounts to maximize your savings and your skills.

To secure your spot, learn more about our courses, or inquire about our exclusive discounts, contact us at [Booking Email/Phone]. Join the Browcademy family and turn your passion for brows into a successful career.

Your Brow Journey Begins Here. Affordable Excellence Awaits at Browcademy. Save Big, Learn More, and Thrive in the World of Brow Artistry!

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