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How To Choose The Right Microblading Tools?

First, we want to make clear that microblading is a skill that needs to be taught by professionals. If you are just setting out on your microblading journey, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all you are learning and the different microblading tools you will need. Or you may want to get ahead before attending a professional microblading course. 

This blog will explore the top five must-haves for your microblading or brow tattoo kit, from microblading eyebrow pens and cosmetic tattoo pens to the right kind of blades.

  1. The Right Blades For Your Client’s Skin Type

Not every client will have the same skin as another. Therefore, you need blades that you can use depending on your client’s skin’s thickness, sensitivity, and oiliness. For example, you will find that the skin is less resistant and thinner in older ladies. In addition, the older your client is, the more likely the skin will have some degree of loss of tone due to less collagen and elastin.

We could dedicate a whole blog or more to the types of blades you need. In brief, microblades are varying amounts of narrow pins placed closely together, forming the ‘blade’. The pins can be from 7 to 28mm. Thinner blades are sharper, while increasing the number of pins increases the thickness. You can find several types of microblading blades that include,

  • Single-row blades with differing numbers of pins
  • Double row blades with differing number of pins
  • Hard or flexible blades
  • Different shaped blades like the U-shaped blade  or angled blade
  1. The Right Eyebrow Divider

There are several styles of eyebrow dividers on the market. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of finding the one you are most comfortable with. This can often be the type you have used in training. An eyebrow divider is an essential item in your kit, as it will create perfect symmetry, form, and balance by locating the exact brow points.

  1. Measuring Calliper – A Must Have

A microblading measuring calliper adds precision to your work, creating the perfect symmetrical eyebrow.

  1. Invest In Pigments Wisely

It’s tempting when you start to be economical with your purchases, but when buying your pigment colour palettes, choose a high-quality pigment in a range of colours to match your client’s skin tones.

  1. Universal Holder

This is the main tool for making your cuts and, as such, is an essential item in your kit. The universal holder, as the name suggests, holds your blades. Choosing a high-quality tool is an investment. Select one that is going to last you. Also, consider the material it is made from. The universal holder needs to be lightweight and comfortable to hold for long periods, and you have to be able to sterilise it. 


Additional Must-Haves For Your Microblading Kit

  • PMU machine 
  • Cosmetic tattoo pen
  • Marking pen
  • Pigment rings
  • Pigment mixer
  • Eyebrow practice sheets & practice skins for cosmetic tattooing
  • Eyebrow measuring string 
  • Disposable hand tools

You will constantly be adding to your kit as you go forward in your career, so it is always advisable to purchase the best quality tools. Check out the range of microblading tools at Lana Tarek, all designed for professionals. The elegant matching range of gold microblading tools looks good and performs well, so you can be confident in using them. From microblading eyebrow pens to gold PMU machines, you can discover them online or when attending the Browcademy.

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