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Microblading Aftercare for Perfect Results

Having gone through micro-blading your eyebrows to get the desired shape and thickness, it is now time to look after them. Here at Lana Tarek, we want to ensure you maintain the perfect result for the longest time. You have invested your time and money into achieving your look. Therefore, it is imperative that you continue to facilitate the microblading healing process by following an appropriate aftercare regime

Microblading Aftercare

Looking after your eyebrows starts before you have your microblading done. At your first consultation, you will discuss the microblading healing process and what to expect following your procedure

Microblading healing process can take 4 – 6 weeks, with the first 2-weeks being the most crucial. The main aim throughout the healing process is to ensure the least amount of disturbance to the micro-bladed area to prevent smudging of the brows. You must start and keep to a daily aftercare routine from the moment you leave the salon.

The Healing Process Of Microbladed Brows

Day by day, the microblading healing process progresses, along with a little help and support from yourself and us. Your microblading healing requires a little patience but follow the hints below to get your perfect brows.

Initially, your will experience some redness. Following this, the area will scab over. This can be difficult as the brows get itchy and dry with the scabs. It is very tempting to rub the eyebrow area but don’t! Instead, use the LT aftercare kit to keep the microbladed area comfortable and help with dry or flaky skin.

Following the microblading session, the brow pigment will look heavier. And the following day, you will begin to see the colour darken. Later in the healing process, you may get uneven pigments, plus your skin naturally exfoliates. When it does, the pigment can appear to be fading. Do not worry; this will all even out.

It may be that you will require a slight touch up. For this, we schedule a second visit to the salon around six weeks following the first procedure.

Priority Does & Don’ts From Day 1

  •  For the first two weeks following your microblading, it is important to follow the tips below for maximum results.
  •  Keep your brows as dry as possible. For example, when showering, turn your face away. If possible, take baths to manage this better for the next couple of weeks. Keep a clean, soft cloth handy to blot up any sweat gently or if you get caught in the rain.
  •  It is best to avoid any workout routines that will make your sweat the first couple of weeks.
  • Don’t pick your eyebrows or scratch at them to avoid doing permanent damage to yourself. Rubbing can also remove the pigment. Instead, let scabs drop off on their own.
  •  Try to sleep on your back as lying on your side will press your brows into the pillow. Prop yourself up with pillows under your arms to keep from rolling over.
  •  Do not use your makeup or facial products of any kind for the first ten days. This includes using any products that contain acids and exfoliants.
  •  Protect yourself in the sun avoiding sunbathing and tanning booths. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat will help when you are outside.
  •  Avoid dusty environments wherever possible, alongside cleaning fluids with a high vapour content, as these contain irritants that you will want to avoid.
  •  Spicy foods and alcohol can cause an increase in the blood flow to the newly microbladed brows, so give these a miss for a short time. We also recommend stopping smoking and avoiding a smoky atmosphere due to the airborne irritants they cause.
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